Thursday, August 18, 2016

I am proud of my writing because I have lots of detail. I think I chose lots of really good words in my writing. I used the thesaurus. My next step is to make my capital letters first so I dont have to go back and change them after.
Clip clop clip clop. On my birthday  we  went to horse riding because I love  horses .  The horses whoere(were) so huge we had to get same addolts to help  us on. Ow my gosh  the horses were as big as a elefint but they were a littile bit skineor  .    Me and my freneds were so exsidid to go on the horses  but   there was two sheep and do yow now  whot you coed do with  the sheep you coed ride a sheep .  The horses were creamy  white and coffee  brown . The  creamy white one was so skerey because it got  skerd  of the dogs how jumped out of the gutor.  Nay nay  both  of the horses got skered(scared) but we whornt  riding it   propuly(properly when they  run  because  we whornt(weren't) redey for  the horses  running but it was worth it because  it was so fun . Me and katie were the bravest ones of all because  we  let the reigns  go when the horses were walking .  we rode the coffee brown one was the funist(funniest)  of all  because it was the bravest horse  because it was cum(calm) and nice it didint kik.     After the horse riding we went to the park   we played pass the passl  and  pinnyrtor.   We got to have some cake and cupcakes  the cake had horses on it of the icing and the cupcakes had little white horses on it . It was like a real horse   the little  white  horse  was like the creamy white one.My birthday  was the most amasing(amazing) birthday every(ever) .

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