Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Camp Omatua

The  Chocolate challenge was tricky .

At the second night at camp we played  hand ball
One of  the first things Mrs Ramsay showed as at Camp Omatua it was where we cooked our own toast sandwich I made a sandwich for the dads. The sandwich had spaghetti and cheese in it.                        
Something that challenged me was playing spot lite because Mrs Ramsay and  her team were really good at hiding but I was the only one that was scared of the dark luckily we had a torch to shine.

Something I really enjoyed was the Oneycauwa (Onekawa) pools because the deep pool was fun to jump in and dive. I did a huge jump and Miss Hill was scared because she thought I was going to jump on to her.

Fun at the pools.

Mummies  in toilet paper . 

Me and  Katie tubing  in the river. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

I am proud of my art because that 's what I put lots of effort into. The triceyist (trickiest) part was designing in  the details about me. The  E  has  pant splats because  I like panting. my L has porprints (paw prints) because I love dogs. My other L has my family on it. My A has stars and the moon because I like watching the night sky.